Saturday, 24 March 2012

Testing, testing, one-two, one-two

Right, I am finally back in Paradise, have cleaned up the house and set up my little studio and am now busy dreaming up and making new stuff.
I even made up my own DIY board so that it will be easier for me to thread my bracelets.

Not too long ago, whilst still in London, I came across a funky looking bracelet that I really wanted to try and make. So I investigated a little bit further, found a "how to make" video on the internet and this was my first project.
For starters: The lady in the video said that this was a real easy bracelet to make. LIAR!
It took me at least 30 mins to even be able to thread the needle, after a lot of swearing I finally managed, did a few loops only to find that the thread had knotted up. GREAT. Chuck the needles and the thread in the bin. I n e v e r want to see them again.
5 mins later I picked them up from the bin. Quitting is not in my vocabulary.
Start again.
A N O T H E R 30 mins threading the needle and this time it went not so bad.

So I made another bracelet as well the next day and m a y b e the lady in the video wasn't lying, as the next bracelet was slightly easier to make and just because I know how much sweat and tension went into these bracelets I will cherish them forever.

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