Monday, 29 April 2013

The making of a necklace

Before I start stringing my necklaces together I spend a great deal of time putting the right beads, gemstones and colours together.
I have always loved the B-grade pearls. They are all different size, imperfect but for me that is what makes them so interesting. More alive. I feel they add more character to the necklaces that I am making.
 I also love working with quartz crystals.
They are the most powerful, versatile, multi purpose healing stone that is.
Attunes to all chakra's, all star-signs and all numbers. 
A truly interesting rock to be working with.
 Most of the time the end result never end up how I first visualised it. 
It is like each necklace takes on its own story and form once I start stringing them together.
Which makes it all more fun.
I never make the same necklace twice,
I believe we are all unique, so why shouldn't our necklaces be unique as well?

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