Monday, 24 June 2013

Beach In The City

Lately I've developed a real crush for the colour combination of grey/soft pink and wood.
 The soft colours works perfectly together and throw in a bit of cream coloured pearls et voila! a new necklace is born.
In this necklace I've used glass beads, coconut beads, Rhodium Silver, pearls, shells and Swarovski crystals. 
Hopefully it'll find a stunning neck to hang on!
Happy Monday

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  1. Dearest Hildi,
    to know that my blog takes so long to load and that you still visit it the same way, filled me with joy and made me like you even more. may be that's because i know that besides being a gorgeous woman, you are also a beautiful person, otherwise your creations wouldn't be that great of a reflection of the extraordinary human being you are!

    wish you a very summery week filled with the most pleasant moments!